Welcome to Room Finder

This website is a resource to help you make informed choices, whether you require more information about a room that you have been allocated or you would like to find an ideal space for your teaching.

This website currently provides comprehensive information on centrally managed and supported teaching spaces only.

For information on school owned teaching spaces please contact timetabling services or the local school office.

For teaching rooms across campus you will find:

  • A location map of the building where the room is located, including the university map reference
  • Photographs of the teaching wall and the furniture layout
  • Information about the capacity and room type
  • Information about the AV
  • Information about accessibility

Also included on the home page are:

  • links to a range of useful support services including timetabling, room booking, technical support/fault reporting and the Estates Support Service helpdesk
  • an advanced search option which provides you with filters that will enable you to find a teaching room anywhere on campus that meets your pedagogic requirements
  • notifications, including building status, IT status, refurbishments

Feedback about the Room Finder website

We really hope you find this site useful but we would welcome some feedback to make sure that the pages work effectively for its users.